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I had the pleasure to chat with the young British actress Lily Laight about her experiences on the set of Love, Rosie. In this exclusive interview she shared how she became an actress, the most funny moment during filming and how was the bond between her “on-screen mum” Lily Collins.

Luana Mattos: You started in this industry at a very young age, when and how did you find your passion for acting? What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Lily Laight: I hadn’t ever had any acting experience or classes before I was cast in my first feature film In Secret with Jessica Lange, Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Felton. I had been working in London in a West End Musical called Matilda for the Royal Shakespeare Company, which included Singing, Dancing and Acting and I loved that, being on stage with a live audience is an amazing thing to be part of! When I was asked to audition for the film I was nervous as it was just acting but I was very lucky to be cast alongside Oscar winning Jessica Lange who was very supportive and helpful with my scenes! My part was small but I learnt so much!

L.M: How was your reaction when you got the role in Love, Rosie? Do you auditioned for this role, or it was offered to you?

L.L: The casting director had cast me in something before Love Rosie and remembered me from that, she invited me to come in and read for the part! I was told a few days later and I was so thrilled – we were driving home at the time and there were some whoops coming from our car!! Both Sam Claflin and Lily Collins were so well known I felt honoured to be included!

L.M: Love, Rosie was shot in Dublin, how did you like filming there? Were you in the scenes that were shot in Toronto as well?

L.L: The film was shot over 4 months and I got to spend a lot of time in Dublin and the surrounding Irish countryside! It was a beautiful place to be. On my days off Mummy and I would be tourists and explore! Toronto was incredible we were only there for about 9 days but I had 3 free days from filming so Mummy Matthew Dillon and I did as much as possible! Open top bus rides, we went up the tower boat trips!!! I really like the Hard Rock Cafes and I always try to visit them where ever I am in the world too, so I was able to do Toronto and Dublin on this film!!

Love, Rosie – World Premiere in London.


L.M: How was working with Lily Collins? Were you a fan of her work before working with her? -Also, Collins said that working with you was the highlight of her summer, how was the bond between you two?

L.L: Working with Lily Collins was very special! The first time I met her she threw her arms around me and have me such a huge hug! We spent a lot of time together and became very close and we still are now! She is a very special person who was so kind and supportive to me, she still texts me messages of encouragement and I am very grateful! She bought me a Claddagh Necklace as a present when we finished filming and she has an identical one which is two hands holding a heart! She was the best screen Mummy anyone could wish for! I think the rooftop scene with just the two of us, is my most favourite scene!

L.M: You’ve got the opportunity to work alongside great actors such as Sam Claflin, Lily Collins, Christian Cooke and Jaime Winstone. As a young actress how was that experience for you?

L.L: Priceless! I learnt so much from them all! They are all so successful and brilliant I felt I could go to them for help or advice at any time! Christian Ditter, the director was incredible too! He was very patient and would talk me through the scene, I was so lucky to have such talented people around me.

L.M: Which was the most funny scene/moment for you?

L.L: Jaimie Winstone took me under her wing in fact the scene where we are decorating really sums up the chemistry between us all! There was paint everywhere after that scene! They had to wrap us all up in polythene plastic to get us back our trailers! Having said that Sam was hilarious on set every day, making us all laugh!

L.M: How much of you can we see in Katie? Did you identify yourself with this character somehow?

L.L: I think there is quite a lot of similarities between Katie and myself! I have just turned 13 and my Mum is always asking me if I am wearing makeup and tutting at me! I am an only child too and am very close to my Mum in fact I have a good friendship with her, just like Katie does with Rosie!

L.M: While filming Love, Rosie, were you personally impacted by the story? Which lessons do you believe the audience can take from this movie?

L.L: My Mum always says regret the things you don’t do, not the things you do! I guess that is sort of what the film is saying too!

L.M: With a promising future ahead, could you share with us what are your plans for the future?

L.L: I honestly don’t know where my future will take me I have an amazing agent who I know will guide me well! I have been privileged to be part of some incredible films, shows and TV programmes and have had the most amazing time doing it all! I would very much like to be an actress when I’m older but for now it’s back to school work and training.